Laurin Monuments

Our Cherished History

For well over a century Laurin Monuments have been producing monuments and servicing the memorialization needs of the Ottawa region.  Our name is synonymous with the rich history of our city.

From our start in 1900 until the late 1930’s our monuments would often be delivered by horse and buggy to various cemeteries throughout the region.  The monuments would then be delivered and installed in early spring. Some of the larger headstones (similar to the one on the right) could  take 4 men up to 3 days to install.

Laurin Monuments have sculpted, produced and installed over 50,000 memorials We have also manufactured distinguished monuments for cemeteries in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and New York. Our list of notable local clients reads like a who’s who of the local community.

Over the past century we have produced monuments for The National War Memorial, The Holocaust Memorial, a variety of NCC projects and headstones for Prime Ministers Laurier, King, and Pearson.

In the 1950’s the Laurin family passed the torch of ownership to the Parisien family. Laurin Monuments remains with the Parisen family to this day. 

As we pass the dawn of a new millennium, Laurin Monuments will continue to pursue the highest standards of excellence and quality in serving  our region.

Quality Stone and Craftsmanship

In the 1990’s, we began the process of automating and computerizing the production and design of all of our monuments.  We developed a software program called “Memorial Designer” which is now the industry standard and is used by the finest masons around the world.  The program allows us the ability to create a monument template showing you the inscription exactly as it will appear on the stone.  It also allows us to easily document, store and retrieve you family’s memorial records.  We maintain the largest archive of memorial history in Ottawa.

Laurin Monuments assures that every memorial stone that we sculpt is of the highest quality.  We guarantee all of our granite monuments by “sealed certificate” for life. 

Our Founder Mr. P Laurin Circa 1910

Mr. Aurele Parisien

Successor to the Laurin Family


Patrick O’Shaughnessy

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The Laurin Family Stone