Laurin Monuments - Our Work

Just a tiny sample of some of our work through the years. Click on the image for larger view and more detail.

Bahama Blue

Bulb with etchings

Special sculpt w/ etchings

Black w/ vase

Text Box: Britz Single w/ Porcelain
Text Box: Black Double有aser
Text Box: Floral Cross Banner

Black Single w/ Porcelain

Text Box: Shamrock Green
Text Box: Black Single有aser

Pink with Black sub base

Pink with Grey Sub base

Sculpted Barre

Vermillion有aser insert

Text Box: Open book top様aser

Book of Life



Barre Celtic

Wave tall

Laser Etched Photo

Black photo etching

Text Box: Oriental Red

Oriental Red 2

Text Box: Hickey on Base
Text Box: Slant marker on base
Text Box: Marker由aised lettering

Blue Pearl appliqu

Text Box: Steel Grey with Rope
Text Box: Barre Grey Sunken

Green with Etchings

Green custom bronze

Black cascade

Pitched rollover edge

Special with bust

Green Celtic

Blue Pearl Gold

Red laser insert


Monuments (Dark)

Monuments (Blue)

Monuments (Red & Pink)

Monuments (Green)

Monuments (Grey)

Grey w laser

P2 With Portrait Etching

Text Box: Fully lasered Marker


Text Box: Heart謡ith etching

Black佑ustom Etching

Text Box: Britz宥ates of Heaven

Pink友lash Panel

Text Box: Red Book of Life



Text Box: Paradiso有aser Etching

Tropical Green佑ustom

Text Box: Green Single

Grey唯ook of Life

Text Box: Grey Cross
Text Box: Paradiso

Black Double誘KR

Prairie Green-UKR

Black Double UKR

Black祐ingle UKR


Black Double UKR

Text Box: Black祐ingle UKR

Black w Columns square

Custom Etching

Text Box: Red Custom

Black w Greek Columns


Black w Gold

Black佑ustom Blast

Black Chinese

Custom Red猶agoda top


Red Double

Grey Double

Black Chinese etchings

Text Box: Double Heart裕all
Text Box: Black佑ustom Etching
Text Box: Text Box: Black佑ustom Laser